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    All of Israel is crying

    All of Israel is crying

    The song "All of Israel is Crying" was birthed in Jerusalem late in the evening on April 10, 2010. While in a debriefing meeting from after a week of praying through Israel, a team member with tears in his eyes said, "We have prayed throughout this nation, and everywhere we go there is a cry rising from the people: 'Help us! Pray for us!' "We began to sing the words he had just spoken, and a song was born.

    When we returned to the US, the song kept growing in my heart. So here it is - the sound of our hearts married to the light released through prophetic imagery. Our hearts' cry has been that this short piece of art would touch you, release a fountain of prayer for Israel throughout the earth and for Rev. 1:7 to fully manifest in this hour.

    May all of Israel be filled with the light of the glorious
    gospel. From our hearts to yours...



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